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T1 Tact Watch, actual smartwatch photo
T1 Tact Watch, actual photo
Face of T1 Tact Watch
face of T1 Tact Watch
T1 Tact Watch: watch back and wristband
watch back and wristband
brand name:
T1 Tact Watch

watch model:
Midnight Diamond

watch features:
Pedometer (step counter, calories burned counter, distance tracker); stopwatch; alarm; bluetooth; social media message notification; call notifications; calendar; camera remote control; backlight; [view all features]

T1 Tact Watch Instructions Manual

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How To Set T1 Tact Watch Time, Date, and Calendar Functions
Time, Date, and Calendar Functions
T1 Tact Watch Pedometer App: Step Counter, Calories Burned, Distance Tracking
Step Counter, Calories Burned, Distance Tracking
T1 Tact Watch Phone Call, Text Message, and Social Media Message Notifications
Phone Call, Text Message, and Social Media Message Notifications

Choose one of the categories above for the T1 Tact Watch features you need instructions for. Each page is designed to assist you with understanding how to effectively use your new 'Midnight Diamond' smartwatch. Written in layman's terms for easy reading, it's as easy to set up & change functions on your new wristwear as riding a bicyle or running on slow treadmill. With over 12 featuers, it's great to learn them category by category as listed above. Bookmark this page for easy reference. Use the instructions manuals until you're comfortable working with watch functionss without aids.

If you need additional help, please contact shop@t1tactwatch.com with your questions. Our customer support will assist you as best they can. Not only that, it will help us build an frequently asked questions page for all web shop browsers to share. Again, please take your time to read the guides above before contacting with questions.

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