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T1 Tact Watch, actual smartwatch photo
T1 Tact Watch, actual photo
Face of T1 Tact Watch
face of T1 Tact Watch
T1 Tact Watch: watch back and wristband
watch back and wristband
brand name:
T1 Tact Watch

watch model:
Midnight Diamond

watch features:
Pedometer (step counter, calories burned counter, distance tracker); stopwatch; alarm; bluetooth; social media message notification; call notifications; calendar; camera remote control; backlight; [view all features]

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T1 Tact Smartwatch
photo: T1 Tact Smartwatch, company promotional photo

T1 Tact Smartwatch Face & Wristband Measurements
photo: T1 Tact Smartwatch Measurements, face and wristband

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If you have purchased or thinking of purchasing a T1 Tact Watch, it's important you have an operations manual. When used properly this "Midnight Diamond" smartwatch can improve your efficiency in both your personal life and workouts. While the quality of being highly durable is what attracts many, the technology of the T1 is what makes it an undeniable great value.

Many brands and vendors on-line have begun marketing look-a-like watches but do not be fooled by these second-hand fakes and replicas. Consumers contact the T1TW company regularly with complaints about these watches after delivered and malfunctioning upon being powered on. Also, many lack the technology to download the 'HMate' app required to run the applications that make this smartwatch great.

Authentic T1 Tact watches go through stringent checks befoer they make it to consumers. Before boxed they are double checked to be fully capable of operating all 'HMate' app technology. Buttons are tested to make sure they execute proper tasks. Whatever is shipped from our official online store or sold where our logo is authorized to be displayed, the T1 Tact will work with immaculate processing.

What features does an authentic T1 Tact Watch Have?

  • Time
  • Standard Time or Military (24 hrs) Time Display
  • Calendar (day and date)
  • Language Options: English, French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic
  • Smart Alarm (sync with phone)
  • Stopwatch
  • 'Night light' or backlighting
  • Exercise Data Storage
  • Bluetooh 4.0 connectivity
  • Low battery reminder
  • Pedometer app
    • Step Counter
    • Distance Tracker
    • Calorie Counter (Calories Burned)
  • Workout Data Analysis (bluetooth used to connect with phone/smart device)
    • Goal Setting
    • Complete Percentage
    • Sport Record
  • Incoming Call notifications
  • Email notification
  • SM&T app: Social Media messagen notifications
    • SMS
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Skype
    • WhatApp
    • WeChat

There could be future app updates to the "Midnight Diamond" that your smartwatch will automatically be applicable for. Simply re-download the application via bluetooth syncing to your mobile device when suggested. As of 2019, there will not be anymore hardware updates to this product. The potential of this T1 Tact Watch has been maxed out. Other comparable wristwear on the market begin at the retail of $199.99 according to various blog outlets, 3rd party opinions.

Online reviews will be shared via the official company facebook fan page. Follow us on FB @T1TactWatch.com if you have an account. You can find T1 Tact Watch on Twitter(here) and Instagram (here) as well with the same username.

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