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T1 Tact Watch, actual smartwatch photo
T1 Tact Watch, actual photo
Face of T1 Tact Watch
face of T1 Tact Watch
T1 Tact Watch: watch back and wristband
watch back and wristband
brand name:
T1 Tact Watch

watch model:
Midnight Diamond

watch features:
Pedometer (step counter, calories burned counter, distance tracker); stopwatch; alarm; bluetooth; social media message notification; call notifications; calendar; camera remote control; backlight; [view all features]

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4 Features on T1 Tact Watch
photo: 4 Features on T1 Tact Watch: Pedometer, Call notifications, Calendar, Bluetooth

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T1 Tact Watch wants to bring more attention their official subreddit community (r/T1TactWatch) . To do so, the smartwatch company is willing to offer value to those that join. For 48 hours or this weekend only, T1 Tact has launched a promo offer via reddit.

The offer promo code is “rT1TactWatch.” It will be live beginning at 12pm (PST) Saturday. It will end, Monday at 12pm (PST). The coupon offer is the first it’s offered via social media since launch.

What discount does the T1 Tact Watch promo code get you?

The regular price of the T1 Tact Watch is $69.99 . Those who use the code, will get $30 off their purchase. The only catch, you must be a member of the company subreddit and have provided at least 1 like to a post.

Hoping to engage the internet and make users aware of the official T1TactWatch.com store, there are limitations to this promo code. Once promotional supply has been exhausted, the code will no longer be active. No more than 25 watches will be sold at this price. Shipping is free to orders being delivered within the United State of America. Internatinal shipping costs are a flat rate of $24.

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