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T1 Tact Watch, actual smartwatch photo
T1 Tact Watch, actual photo
Face of T1 Tact Watch
face of T1 Tact Watch
T1 Tact Watch: watch back and wristband
watch back and wristband
brand name:
T1 Tact Watch

watch model:
Midnight Diamond

watch features:
Pedometer (step counter, calories burned counter, distance tracker); stopwatch; alarm; bluetooth; social media message notification; call notifications; calendar; camera remote control; backlight; [view all features]

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T1 Tact Watch Logo
photo: T1 Tact Watch logo design

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As many smartwatches have similar looks, it is important today that consumers have symbols and logos to instantly recognize a different product when shopping. In 2019, with internet shopping being at an all-time high, the logo is also a source of security against counterfeiting and copycat schemes. With the launch of the brand news site, T1 Tact Watch is proud to unveil the official smartwatch logo and trademark information.

“The logo is a representation of our direction. We’re a tactical smartwatch brand. The crosshair is a symbol of our niche. T1 is the most popular smartwatch in 2019 and being at the center of our niche, that’s why ‘T1’ is in the red dot, shot on, spot on,” wrote brand owner Rodrick Rainey of the company logo design specs.

The official T1 Tact logo is indeed a tactical firearm ‘crosshair’ symbol. Within the crosshair is a red dot with “T1” inside the circle. In the cross lines of the crosshair the brand name, “T1 Tact Watch,” can be read. ‘T1’ is in the horizontal line and ‘Tact Watch’ extends from the vertical line.

The Trademark for T1 Tact Watch is also registered with the USPTO. It’s the only watch to date with a name using ‘tact’ in it.

The End of counterfeit T1 Tact Watches ?

As of 2019, internet counterfeit shops can be identified as ‘frauds’ by their lack of this logo on any smartwatch page claiming to have “T1 Tacts” without using this logo. Our company will pursue and shut down any website using our trademarked brand name and logo, without authorization.

As stated on our official internet shop, T1TactWatch.com, buying on eBay and Amazon is almost a guarantee you will get a low grade, dysfunctional fake. T1 Tact was made aware of these watches by upset customers who had issues with batteries not working, buttons not functioning, and wristband issues.

Authentic T1’s can be purchased on the official internet store site, T1TactWatch.com

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